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"A Life of Miracles" is a faith-filled, spirit-led roller coaster ride where you will follow Pastor Don Schulze and his family through 20 years, four continents, and fifty amazing true to life Miracles.


This book is a modern day adventure story full of pathos, excitement, suspense, surprise, and above all hope! A young couple living the American Dream is supernaturally launched, with their two young children, into a thrilling journey from trendy Southern California, to the desert towns of Arizona, to the mystical Kingdom of Thailand, to the villages and cities of war-torn central Africa. Small Miracles begins in war torn Uganda. The author is confronted with a hopeless situation. A officer in the Presidential Guard is lies in the barracks dying of AIDS, he needs a miracle. He is a mere skeleton with hours to live. His dramatic recovery challenges the reader to believe anything can happen, or as the Good Book says, all things are possible with God. Free Shipping, no sales tax, delivery within 5 days! Make a note at check out if you would like the book to be signed, and if so, to whom.


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250 Pages

Published by Tyndale House Publisher 2014

ISBN: 978-1-4143-8321-7

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