A Non-Denominational Fellowship of Christians

Everyone Welcome

Sunday 10:30 AM and Wednesdays 7:00 PM

204 Moody Blvd [SR100] Flagler Beach, FL

386-225-6657 - info@voyageflagler.com

WHO WE ARE:  Voyage Church is a community of men and women of all ages, races, and backgrounds, who are committed to the Lord Jesus Christ and committed to following Him, making Him known to the World, and loving one another. We are

non-denominational, as the Lord does not recognize the man made divisions in His church and we are committed to seeing His love and truth reach as many  people as possible without unnecessary restrictions.


WHAT WE DO:  Our worship beautifully blends the timeless essentials of public service to the Lord. You will find enthusiastic singing of all kinds of worship music, regular celebration of the Lord's Supper, believing prayer for every kind of need, and Biblical preaching/teaching rooted in the commitment to make True Disciples of Jesus Christ. He said, "Go into all the earth make disciples from among every nation... teaching them to know and to do all that I have commanded you..."


WHAT WE BELIEVE:  We believe the Bible to be the timeless Word of God and that every word is true. We believe that everyone who has the Word of Christ living in them, who lives according to those words,  and lives in fellowship with Him by the power of the Holy Spirit will experience a blessed and fulfilling life here and in eternity.  This is our shared reality.











Voyage Church

Voyage Church at Flagler Beach

204 W. Moody Blvd. (SR100)

PO Box 31

Flagler Beach, FL 32136


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